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  1. Jenny Heron

    Advice needed please for my 1963 Puku 4. Under the roof edge along the front there's a crack which is worse on the corner above the rain spout, where the kind of sealant stuff is starting to come away. Do I need to knock it all off and replace it (with what?) I've taken photos if anyone wants to see, could send by email.

    1. John Marsland

      Hello Jenny,
      This sounds like the issue we addressed a couple of years ago and now need to turn attention to the other end of the van. If you could send a picture, if it is the same issue,we could explain what we did and recommend products to use. Interestingly ours is also a 1963. Good luck,

  2. JacquiMcCarthy

    Post author

    Hi John, I believe there was a choice of upholstery at the time. I cant confirm which designs were available at the specific time. Jacqui

  3. John cousins

    Hi we have a 1956 ? Springbok under restoration but due to poor health at a standstill. going through things to do the seats are covered with cloth with fawns all over is this special or was there a choice at the time.regards and thanks John cousins 5062

  4. John marsland

    Jacqui, you have worked wonders.
    I am not sure what the club would do without your hard work and dedication.
    Thank you.

    1. Good afternoon Jacqui,

      I had no joy contacting you via the home page. Thought I would try this...

      Just wanted to tell you a little story.

      My sister has just bought an old farm property in Lancashire and it has started to undergo it’s initial tidy before the real work begins. In the corner was a old crumbling caravan. It was fit for nothing and I was involved in breaking it down for recycling. It was intriguing to enter and get a feel of it before the tools came out. Gas lamps - blimey! Once done, I was raking the area clear and came across a heavy metal disc. I was about to toss it on the metal recycling pile. I flipped it over though and saw a white goat's head on a green background, with Cheltenham standing out at the bottom. That aroused my curiosity.

      Bless the internet! Eventually, I came across your club website and which had all the information I needed to get the history. So with sadness I can tell you 67596, the 96th Sable built in 1967, has gone to the caravan site in the sky. The brass motive had, I guess, been hand painted by an owner. However I have now stripped and polished it. It’s quite lovely. I plan to make a house warming present out of it for my sister and family!

      Great website and very interesting to a non-caravaner.

      Best of luck to your club,


      1. JacquiMcCarthy

        Post author

        Hi Neil, thank you for sharing your story with the club. It is sad, but inevitable that some Cheltenham's have passed their useful life. I am pleased that you found the website interesting and were able to find some history of the caravan. What a lovely idea to give the plaque as a gift to your sister and her family and who knows one day they may decide to purchase a Cheltenham caravan for themselves. Best wishes to you all.

  5. JacquiMcCarthy

    Post author

    Hello Howard, thank you for your comments, I have now added a link to the Club rules to the welcome page so they can be viewed prior to anyone completing the membership form. The email addresses on the site should now be displayed in full, allowing you to use your current email service. Regards Jacqui

  6. Howard

    Just an observation.
    Can the club rules be available to read via the membership form as people are agreeing to them when they fill in the form but cannot see them?
    Some of the email links are not working.
    Thanks for a great website.


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