Dating your Cheltenham

Cheltenham Chassis Numbers
These numbers are stamped on an aluminium plate riveted to the fibreglass cowling over the drawbar.
The last 2 figures are often painted on the backs of fibreglass body panels or pencilled inside woodwork and can be discovered when undertaking repairs.
It is not unusual for these items to be numbered one or two adrift from the chassis number where components have been swapped around during production.
It is suggested for security reasons that you continue this practice of writing chassis number in hidden areas, to assist in identification in the unlikely event of your caravan being stolen.

Pre 1964
These caravans appear to have been numbered sequentially, the production records are believed to be extant within the Gardner family (the manufactures of Cheltenham caravans) but are not currently available to the Owners Club.
1962 caravans carry chassis numbers around 8000
The club would welcome any additional information on the numbering of these caravans, especially where the date of manufacture of individual caravans can be evidenced, to assist in the accurate dating of these early caravans.

1964 Onwards
The chassis numbering system on these caravans is straightforward.
First 2 figures Production Year
3rd figure Model
Last 2 figures number of that model made during that production year.

It is believed that the production year commences immediately after the factory summer shutdown of the previous year. Production number 00 being the prototype/show model for that production year.
When identifying model years by physical characteristics it must be remembered that changes were introduced gradually and old stock was used up, rather than all modifications being incorporated immediately.

Model Numbers
- Fawn
1 - Roebuck
2 - Nyala
3 - Waterbuck
4 - Oribi
5 - Sable
6 - Super Sable
7 - Puku 2
8 - Puku 4
9 - Springbok
For example 1968 Sable was 68537