Replacing Glass in Opening Windows

Replacing Glass in Opening Windows

 This process is illustrated in the “Readers Digest Repair Manual” (circa 1973),
The procedure is: - 

1.      Remove aluminium drip cover above window by undoing approx 6 slotted head screws, once these are removed slight force may be needed as the cover is also sealed with mastic. 

2.     Remove 2 screws each side securing stays to window frame. 

3.     Remove approx 6 slotted head screws, securing window hinge to body, gently remove window from van 

4.     Peel back each end of the window to body sealing rubber about 2” to expose 2 frame corner fixing screws each side. 

5.     Soak screws with penetrating oil and leave overnight 

6.     Remove screw with a well fitting screwdriver. 

7.     Pull lower half of window down from header rail 

8.     Glass can be cut to size by a local glazer. Idealy tape the broken pieces together. 

9.     Some glaziers may claim that you cannot use std glass (non toughened) in a caravan; this only applies to caravans manufactured after 1980. 

10.    Alternatively have a replacement window cut from Perspex or acrylic (local suppliers in Yellow pages under “Plastic” or fit double glazing from ECCO. 

11.    Consider fitting new frame to caravan sealing rubber whilst window off van and, if required the white plastic surround around window apertures (supplier details on COC website). 

12.    Reassembly is reverse of removal! 

13.    Suggest using Copperslip grease on frame screws to ease future dismantling. 

14.    Push the rubber seal back into slot using a flat bladed screwdriver. 

15.    Corrosion can be cleaned from frame using Scotchbright pan cleaners lubricated with oil and polished with Solvol Autosol car chrome cleaner. 

16.    Oil hinge and stays 

17.    Use a non-setting mastic sealant (such as Caraseal) between hinge and body and drip cover to body. 

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