All maintenance comments

Lifting Veneers - If the oak veneer starts to lift and you don't want to replace the whole panel it is worth trying to spray gently between the 2 panels with “Bostik Fast Tak” spray adhesive, letting dry for a few minutes and pressing together with a wallpaper seam roller.This adhesive is available from branches of Wilko.
White patches - If you have white patches on the wood in a Cheltenham with medium oak veneer (usually where the wood has got wet & then dried out) try Pledge Extra Care scratch & colour restorer Light/ Medium wood, this brings the colour back to the wood. This is available from branches of Wilko.
Dry Wood - The interior wood in a Cheltenham dries with age, life can be bought back to the wood with Danish oil, this is readily available, try Wilko or Toolstation.
Worktops - Stains & marks can be removed from the Formica worktops in the kitchen area using Autosol metal polish (the same is recommend for aluminium window frames), readily available from a range of stores including wilko and motor stores .